NEW YORK ( — It seems the keywords “Lindsay” and “Lohan” and “nude” created a bit of an Internet bottleneck Monday and then sparked a feverish debate in the blogosphere and in the online news world.

The troubled Hollywood starlet and New York native posed for steamy photos that appeared in New York magazine an on its Website. In the photos, Lindsay emulates Marilyn Monroe’s final photo shoot. The photos were taken by Bert Stern — the same photographer who created Marilyn portfolio. Lindsay appears nude or semi-nude, with little more than jewelry and a sheer fabric covering her.

New York magazine reports that interest in the pictures caused a hangup on the magazine’s Website as servers struggled to handle the demand for the official unveiling of Lindsay’s breasts. The magazine posted additional photos online later in the week.

The reaction online to the article and photos was fast and furious. Media outlets all over the world (including ran articles about the photos, and quickly commentators and bloggers weighed in on the spread’s merits or disgrace.


Robert Peters, President of MIM, had the following comments in response to New York Magazines (2/25/08 issue) effort to use Lindsay Lohan to re-create Marilyn Monroes legendary last (nude) photo shoot.I thankfully cannot claim to have examined every mainstream magazine that has published nude photographs of women, but of the ones I have seen, New York Magazines effort to recreate Marilyn Monroes legendary last (nude) photo shoot pushes the envelope further than them all.

This is, of course, part of the problem with pushing the envelope. What at first offends and even shocks loses its power to do so, after viewers are repeatedly exposed to similar content. That leaves the exploiter of sex with two choices. Back off or push the envelope even further.

In this issue, New York hasnt just recreated a series of photographs of Marilyn Monroe that have blasphemously become known as The Last Sitting, it has followed in the footsteps of Playboy magazine.

I describe the New York nude photo shoot as soft-core porn, for the same reason that people describe Playboy magazines nude photo shoots as soft-core porn. Men who subscribe to Playboy for the purpose of viewing naked women dont do so because of their appreciation for great art; so men who buy New York to see a naked Lindsay Lohan wont be doing so because of their appreciation for great art.

Of course, with this particular issue of New York, some people can be expected to buy the publication just to see how low a mainstream magazine and Hollywood starlet will go for the sake of notoriety.